Born in Osaka, Tomo Naito came to the US to study theatre direction at queens college. During his stay in Manhattan Tomo worked at local Japanese, French, and Italian restaurants. After graduation Tomo took a job working for a Japanese trading company where he sourced the highest quality seafood from the Japanese markets. He developed a superb eye for quality and love for amazing ingredients. Tomo soon realized that his true passion lay in the kitchen and began his quest to become one of the worlds leading minds in the world of contemporary Japanese cuisine. Tomo's unique and extensive skills soon landed him in Las Vegas working in the famed Nobu. Here he was able to take his extensive skills to the next level by working the "omakase" station creating inspired tasting menus for the Vegas elite.

Soon Tomo moved to Atlanta with a desire to run his own kitchen. He opened TOMO with one basic idea.... To do contemporary Japanese food with the absolute finest hand picked ingredients from all over the world. Tomo's absolute devotion to perfect quality and eclectic style makes him one of the most inspiring chefs in the US today.

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